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Our quality of life stands on a foundation of science, technology and a reliance on evidence to make smart decisions. Yet some of our politicians, focused on their own short-term interests, are making decisions that undermine Canada’s traditional investments in science that builds a strong future for tomorrow. That’s bad news for Canadians.

Fortunately, we can all be part of setting things right again and taking back what makes Canada great. By voting for candidates who will make decisions based on sound science you are ensuring the security, health and prosperity of Canadians today and tomorrow.

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This project was made possible thanks to the hard work of over a hundred volunteers from across Canada. Our diverse team, from grad students to grandparents, have been helping us document changes the way science is collected, communicated and used.

This campaign is a project of Evidence for Democracy - Canada’s leading fact-driven, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization promoting the transparent use of evidence in government decision-making.